Technical support of remediation

The fully hydraulic mobile set
with crawler chassis
Rotary core drilling without lavage Profiles D 112–220 mm, gear PE D 63 mm
RDBS Technical parameters

Maximal diameter of sheeting: 220 mm
Maximal diameter of drilling:220 mm
Maximal deepness of core drilling:50 m
Transporting proportions:7400*2050*2650 mm
Proportions of set:3800*1800 mm
Weight:7 t
Height of dribling derrick:8,1 m
Equipment for preparing of nanoiron suspension
Equipment for preparing of nanoiron suspension The combined equipment containing high-speed mixing tank, sedimentation tank and injection pump
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The Mašín tube
The tool for field measurement of a portion of active iron The principle of measuring (nano)iron suspension activity is based on the reaction:   Fe0 + H2SO4 →FeSO4 + H2
Mašínova trubice Osvědčení o zápisu ochranné známky
IRON technology
Bioregenerator with combined (biological and chemical) reaction system for remediation application. Bioregenerator is a part of remediation technologies based on in-situ reductive dehalogenation, which is a combination of chemical (non-biological) effects of elemental iron with the biological effects of a mixed culture of microorganisms (iron particle surface regeneration). The equipment is protected by a utility model UV 27570.
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