Research and Development

Because of expanding development of innovative technologies for remediation of subsurface and for subsurface water, the company CHEMCOMEX, a.s. expanded its activities in the year 2009 in the field of research and development within in-situ remediation technologies.

Especially, the target is development of reductive technologies for dehalogenation of chlorinated ethylene in the cooperation with bioremediation. This objective was solved, from January 2009 to December 2011, with the research project supported by Ministry of Industry and Trade (FR-Tl1/204 Development of preparation technology and the use of elemental nanoiron for remediation of the geological environment) which was realized by pilot tests of decontamination of contaminated sites (Karlovy Vary – Tuhnice; Pátek).

From January 2012 onwards, the Division of geology and remediation has been dealing with research projects of remediation of contaminated soil, buildings and surfaces but also with the stabilization of waste.

Specifically the projects are:
  • TA02020654 – Abiotic and biological technology for remediation

  • TA02020655 - Mobile set for the monitoring of the bioremediation processes

  • TA02021344 – Application of modern techniques and materials in the waste stabilisation

  • TA02021346 – Development of mobile technology for remediation of contaminated ground constructions and areas

These projects are financially supported by Technological Agency of Czech Republic (TAČR). CHEMCOMEX, a.s. closely cooperates on research projects with Faculty of Environmental Technology of Institute of Chemical Technology Prague.

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