Action name Winding of engines HC & M Domažlice navijarna
Brief description The decontamination of old ecological burdens and the post-remediation monitoring. Remediation of the unsaturated zone contaminated of NES (concentration up to 197.000 mg/kg of solids) removal at the remediation area, decontamination of subsurface water contaminated by ClU (concentration up to 2 944 µg/l) using pump and treat and stripping.
Subscriber ČR - Ministry of Finance
Due date 2008 - 2015
Action name Car accessories Hajnice a.s. autoprislusenstvi
Brief description The monitoring of native attenuation inside and outside the grounds for three years. In the case of exceeding given values will be restored protective remediation pumping with decontamination and infiltration of treated water into wells in the grand.
Subscriber ČR - Ministry of finance
Due date 2009 - 2012
Action name AAR Pátek okr. Nymburk patek
Brief description The monitoring of contamination of subsurface water in the village. The contaminants are chlorinated hydrocarbons with concentration from 200 µg.l-1 in wells at the edge of village up to 1.500 µg.l-1 in the middle of contamination cloud. There was monitored about 15-20 objects.
Subscriber Obec Pátek
Due date 2010 - 2011
Action name Karlovy Vary - Tuhnice, ČEZ správa majetku tuhnice
Brief description The main contaminant – chlorinated hydrocarbons (DCE max. 20 mg/l) – is present in the saturated zone. The reconstruction of rain settling tank and excavation of NES contaminated soil. Moreover, pilot application of in-situ dehalogenation of chlorinated hydrocarbons by injection of nanoiron suspension.
Subscriber KHSanace
Due date 2009 - 2011
Action name ICEC Šlapanice a.s. slapanice
Brief description The monitoring of remediation of subsurface water and realization of the protective remediation pumping. The monitoring of surface and subsurface water levels, collection of free phase tar, the monitoring of chemism surface and subsurface water and waste management.
Subscriber ČR - Ministry of finance
Due date 2008 - 2010
Brief description Glasswork Bohemia a.s., Poděbrady sklarny
Action name The Primary sources of pollution were removed by previous activities on the site. By the prior activities at the locality were removed primary sources of contamination according to AAR 2005 remains circa 5,5 tons of fluorides bind to the rock environment. The half-operational pilot experiment of the immobilization of residual contamination by fluorides using injection of immobilisation solution to the rock environment.
Subscriber ČR - Ministry of finance
Due date 2007 - 2008
Brief desription Glasswork Bohemia a.s., Poděbrady sklarny1
Action name The soil and underground water contaminated by fluorides (max. concentration 1000 mg/l). The remediation using pumping of underground water and its decontamination at the widen neutralization station. In total, it was drawn 40,3 thousand m3 of underground water and extracted 4,1 tons of fluorides.
Subscriber ČR - Ministry of finance
Due date 2004 - 2008
Action name NAREX Česká Lípa a.s. narex
Brief description The main contaminant, chlorinated hydrocarbons, is in unsaturated zone (max. concentration 4.900 mg CIU/Kg of solid). The remediation extraction and restoration of firmed ground. In total, it was removed 828 tons of contaminated soil. The result is verifiable accomplishment of the remediation limit 425 mg CIU/kg of soil.
Subscriber FNM ČR
Due date 2003
Action name Inproma spol.s.r.o. inproma
Brief description The contaminated underground water (max. concentrations 200 mg/l ClU and 813 µg/l OCP- organ chlorine pesticides), soil (OCP at max. 7730 mg/kg). The remediation by excavation contaminated soil and the establishment of the remediation drain (200m). Hermetization of the contaminated area under objects by injection (70x20x4,5 m). The remediation works were ended by the fulfilment of limits of ČIŽP (Czech Environmental Inspectorate).
Subscriber FNM ČR
Due date 1996 - 2000
Action name UJP PRAHA a.s. ujp
Brief description The main contaminant – U (natural and impoverished), max concentration 3000 mg/kg and 37.680 Bq/m. The remediation by excavation, chemical and mechanical decontamination of building constructions. In total was removed 229 m3 of soil and constructions. The remediation works were ended by the fulfilment of limits of ČIŽP (Czech Environmental Inspectorate).
Subscriber UJP PRAHA a.s.
Due date 1997 - 1999
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